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While not quite as well known as brands such as Dyson and Shark, Roidmi has certainly been making a name for itself in recent years with its robot vacuums and some of the best cordless vacuums that come packing impressive specs and budget-friendly price tags. 

The X30VX (also known as the Roidmi RS70 in Europe) is the latest addition to Roidmi’s growing range of floorcare tools – and it isn’t only a cordless vacuum; this model doubles up as a mechanical mop, too, making it a fantastic choice for those living in storage-light homes. 

Roidmi has opted for a slick, pared-back design in silver and grey, resulting in a subtle yet stylish stick vacuum that will fit well in most homes. Its handle is ergonomically designed for comfortable cleaning, and while it’s a little weighty compared to some other cordless models, it isn’t too problematic over long cleaning sessions. 

It comes packing some real power, too. The X30VX offers great suction (150W on its maximum setting) and excellent battery life – two areas in which it is only narrowly trumped by the Dyson V15 Detect. It also has a selection of superb value-adding features such as a dark-detecting floorhead light, the aforementioned mop, sturdy attachments, and even an app.

If your home comprises mostly hard floors, the X30VX will be your best friend, sailing with ease and style across surfaces without needing to be on any higher setting than its lowest eco mode. The floor cleaning head has a soft roller with stiff bristles nestled inside, which means it won’t damage your hard floors but can still tackle carpets, without hair becoming tangled. As we expect from most cordless vacuums (basically, any non-Dyson devices), carpets create a little more resistance, and you’ll likely need to boost up to max suction for a deeper clean. 

At its price point, the V30 VX is a fantastic cordless stick vacuum that will be a boon to any dust bunny buster – and offers some stiff competition for Dyson’s market dominance.

Roidmi X30VX price and availability

  •  List price: £599 
  •  Releasing in the US soon, according to Roidmi 

The Roidmi X30VX is a cordless vacuum cleaner and mop, offering the full gamut of floor-cleaning possibilities. In the UK, it’s priced at £599.99. It isn’t yet available in the US, but will be retailing for $699 (tax not included) when it launches in the coming months, according to our contact at Roidmi.

The vacuum is Roidmi’s most premium cordless cleaner and suitably comes with a fairly premium price tag. However, given that it’s a mechanical mop and vacuum cleaner, it sits fairly nicely in the market in terms of price. For comparison, the Dyson V15 Detect, which as of writing is our pick for the best premium cordless vacuum cleaner, costs £629 – and while it’s very powerful and intelligent, it can’t mop.

In the UK, you can buy the X30VX directly from Roidmi through Amazon, or at a handful of other online retailers. The vacuum comes with an array of tools: a mattress attachment, furniture brush, crevice tool, electric brush roller head and a mop head with rotating mop rondels. In the box you’ll also find two HEPA filters, a corded power supply, a wireless magnetic snap charger and cleaning tools to maintain the vacuum, as well as the self-cleaning mop dock and two spare mop pads.

Price: 4.5/5

roidmi and all accessories

The X30VX comes with; a mattress attachment, furniture brush, crevice tool, electric brush roller head and a mop head with rotating mop rondels plus two HEPA filters, a corded power supply, a wireless magnetic snap charger and cleaning tools to maintain the vacuum, as well as the self-cleaning mop dock and two spare mop pads. (Image credit: Future / Josie Watson)

Roidmi X30VX design

  •  0.14-gallon / 0.55-liter dust bin 
  •  Robust build with strong connections 
  •  Comes with five tools  

The X30VX looks much like previous cordless models from Roidmi, with a rear-mounted 0.14-gallon / 0.55-liter dust bin beneath the motor, and a protruding handle that delivers a good amount of control. Unlike previous models, there’s a battery indicator screen on the front of the vacuum itself, along with the suction cycling button and the power button – which you annoyingly have to hold down for three seconds. The plastic chassis and metal stick are a matte silver-grey.

The dust bin is easily detached by pressing the button on its underside; the hatch will easily release at the push of the orange button on the chamber’s side. We did find ourselves needing to get our hands dirty once or twice to remove clingy waifs of debris manually, which was a little annoying given that its small size requires more frequent emptying.

dustbin on the roidmi

The rear-mounted 0.14-gallon / 0.55-liter dust bin can be easily detached by pressing the button on the underside (Image credit: Future)

The vacuum is a little too heavy at 5.95lbs / 2.7kg to be considered lightweight, but it’s still fairly comfortable to hold over long periods. With this weight also comes the reassurance of solid construction – the Roidmi X30VX feels really robust, although this can make the click-in attachments a little stiff to detach. Much like its predecessors, and many other cordless stick vacuums, the Roidmi X30VX can be detached from its wand and used as a handheld vacuum as well, weighing 3.5lbs / 1.6kg.

One of the most notable design features of the Roidmi X30VX is its mop attachment. The mop pads, which rotate at 200rpm, are mounted beneath the 8fl oz / 240ml water tank on the mop head. You can either clean the mop pads with the ovular self-cleaning station or throw them into the washing machine.

As mentioned, the main vacuum head is home to a strong yet soft roller, which is bristled to help clean carpets and reduce tangled hairs. It offers an excellent range of motion, turning into even the tightest corners in our home. All of the attachments feel well made and sturdy.

A really nice touch with the Roidmi X30VX is the magnetic wall attachment that comes included. This can either be screwed in, or the user can remove the plastic backing and stick it to the wall. When mounted, the Roidmi X30VX will charge – or, alternatively, you can use the charging port on the top of the handle.

Design: 4.5/5

Roidmi X30VX performance

  •  Good suction, especially on hard floors 
  •  Mopping works well once broken in 
  •  Darkness-detecting floorhead light 

On test, we really enjoyed cleaning our home with the Roidmi X30VX. The model appears very well balanced in terms of features and functions, and offers a few nice little surprises to boot. 

We tested the X30VX in a home with hardwood floors, tiled floors, thick low-pile rugs, thin carpets, and on our sofa and baseboards, and overall it was a delight. There are lots of tight spaces in our city flat, but that didn’t prove a problem for the X30 VX – it can turn at a 90-degree angle with ease.

The most important aspect of a vacuum is its suction power, which is great overall. The Roidmi X30VX is a dream with which to vacuum on hard floors, effortlessly gliding across the surface and collecting debris. In our flour and oat tests, it was capable of collecting almost all of the mess in just one pass, even on its lowest setting. Carpets, as can be expected, are a little trickier – the vacuum took four passes to collect oats. However, with flour it took only two passes, and picked up the fine powder pressed into the material. Thicker carpets seemed to be a challenge, with the soft roller struggling to flick up and catch much of the debris.

roidmi as an upright stick

The Roidmi X30VX effortlessly glides across hard floors (Image credit: Future)

Nevertheless, we did appreciate the main vacuuming floor head’s front light, which illuminates when the vacuum detects any dark spaces. This is a much more power-friendly solution than that offered by other vacuums, which keeps the floorhead light on throughout use.

When it comes to mopping, we were pleasantly surprised by how the Roidmi X30VX worked its magic on our floors. Converting the vacuum motor power into 200rpm spinning pads, the mop head is just as easy to maneuver, albeit a little less suitable for small spaces as a result of its size.

The rotation of the mop pad pulls the cleaner away from you slightly – which, on occasion, did prove annoying when trying to clean up a mark on the floor; but otherwise lightens the load on your arms. While the mop can only use water to clean, the spinning floor pads definitely do the trick for giving your floors a quick polish. We found on the first use that the right mop pad didn’t take on any water, but after five minutes it soaked through, as it did on every subsequent use.

The Roidmi X30VX is fairly loud, measuring 78.7dB on its max setting, but it doesn’t so much sing while cleaning as it does whine. This is fairly common among vacuums with smaller motors, but we definitely noticed our ears ringing a little after a full house clean.

One really neat feature we don’t expect from cordless vacuums is app compatibility, but Roidmi has covered all bases with the X30VX. The app is fairly simple to use – it connects via Bluetooth and provides various info about your vacuum, from its battery level and standby time to the area cleaned and time spent cleaning.

Performance: 4.5/5

Roidmi X30VX battery

  •  Ranges from 10 to 70 minutes (depending on the power setting) 
  •  Takes 2.5 hours to fully recharge 
  •  The battery can wirelessly recharge with the magnetic wall fixture 

The battery life on the Roidmi X30VX is respectable, lasting about 70 minutes on its eco setting, which is notably less than the up to 80 minutes promised by Roidmi. On its maximum suction setting, the X30VX lasted just over 10 minutes, meaning it would only be able to handle two, maybe three rooms when needed. This is pretty common in cordless vacuums and, overall, the X30 still outlasts most of the competition.

Much like with previous Roidmi models, the battery is displayed as a percentage, but we’d definitely prefer to see remaining run-time in minutes to help predict how long you have left to clean. The battery takes roughly two and a half hours to fully charge, and can be recharged either by the magnetic wall fixture or the charging cable when connected to the mains electricity.


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charging on the magnetic dock

The Roidmi X30VX can be charged via magnetic wall fixture… (Image credit: Future / Josie Watson)
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charging the roidmi

or the charging point (Image credit: Future / Josie Watson)

Roidmi X30VX score card

Attribute Notes Score
Value Given how much you get from the X30VX, the price is reasonable – and while it’s by no means cheap, we’d say it’s justified. 4.5 / 5
Design It isn’t as innovative as other leading cordless vacuums, but it’s robust and compact, and looks slick in its silver-grey casing. 4.5 / 5
Performance With its excellent handling, powerful suction and mopping head, the X30 VX is a fantastic addition to your cleaning cupboard. 4.5 / 5
Battery The battery life on the X30VX is higher than most other models at the same price point. However, it was nearly 10 minutes off the manufacturer’s suggestions. 4.5 / 5

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  • First reviewed: November 2022