IPRoyal is a tried and tested proxy service provider that offers a range of proxy solutions, including residential, datacenter, 4G mobile, and sneaker proxies. Its residential proxy solutions stand out as enticing, and its prices are among the most attractive out there. 

In saying that, not all proxy providers are equal, and we wondered how well IPRoyal stacks up against the competition. We’ve since spent hours analyzing its services, and now present our findings in this IPRoyal review.

IPRoyal: Plans and pricing

IPRoyal offers several subscription options. Its top-end residential proxy service starts from $0.8 per GB of bandwidth, and includes a rotating IP address. Static residential proxies start at $2.50 each per 30 days, and come with unmetered bandwidth. 

Sneaker proxies are specifically designed to help you make fast or multiple purchases on sneakers and other products that are likely to sell out within minutes of their release. These start at $0.80 for 24 hours of use, and $1.60 for 30 days. 

The 4G mobile proxies (from $80 per month with a 12-month commitment) are limited, and only Lithuanian, Romanian, and UK locations are available. You can access datacenter proxies for as little as $0.20 per proxy, with a 50-proxy package ($10 per month).

Residential Static Residential Sneaker 4G Mobile Datacenter
Price From $0.8/GB From $2.50/proxy From $0.8/proxy From $80/month From $0.2/proxy
Static IP No Yes Yes No Yes
Rotating IP Yes No No Yes No
Unmetered Bandwidth No Yes Yes Yes Yes

IPRoyal: Features

IPRoyal’s versatile proxy solutions are backed by a selection of valuable features. Here are a few of the most noteworthy.

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IPRoyal features

IPRoyal offers Chrome and Firefox extensions for streamlined proxy management (Image credit: IPRoyal)
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IPRoyal features

IPRoyal offers proxies from numerous countries (Image credit: IPRoyal)
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IPRoyal features

IPRoyal has a comprehensive list of free proxies you can use (Image credit: IPRoyal)

Browser proxy managers

IPRoyal has useful browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. These come with a suite of management tools that enable you to switch between proxies, configure your existing proxies, and create rules about how each proxy is used.

Wide country selection

One thing that stands out about IPRoyal’s services is that it offers proxies in almost every country on Earth. These geo-specific proxies are excellent for bypassing geo-blocking restrictions, enabling access to content from other regions.

Free proxies

IPRoyal also provides a tidy list of free proxies you can use if you’re on a tight budget. The list is updated every 10 minutes, and you will usually find thousands of different options to choose from. Although free proxies can be used in a pinch, they’re typically slower, not as secure, and could be used by malicious third parties to collect sensitive personal data.

IPRoyal: Interface and in use

The IPRoyal interface is user-friendly, so you shouldn’t have too many issues in getting to grips with it. On the left of the main screen, you will find links to each of the company’s five products. Following them enables you to manage your subscriptions, create new proxies, and find useful information about each type. 

There’s also a settings area, where you can update general settings. Adding funds to your account is straightforward with the Deposit tool. On the downside, there’s no mobile app for proxy management, but there is an IPRoyal Pawns app that enables you to earn passive income by sharing your internet connection.

IPRoyal main dashboard

 IPRoyal has an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard (Image credit: IPRoyal)

IPRoyal: Support

IPRoyal provides 24/7 live chat and email support, and support agents are responsive and knowledgeable. We tested the live chat, and the agent we were connected to was able to answer our questions within a couple of minutes. 

A downside to support options is the lack of self-help resources. There are a few useful articles outlining basic setup procedures and other common tasks on the IPRoyal blog, but there’s no dedicated help center or dedicated knowledge base.

IPRoyal blog

A small number of valuable resources can be found on the IPRoyal blog (Image credit: IPRoyal)

IPRoyal: Security

IPRoyal is a top-rated proxy provider, and performs well on the security front. For starters, IPRoyal offers HTTP and HTTPS proxies with different levels of encryption.

What’s more, IPRoyal’s proxies provide a high level of anonymity, preventing other entities from tracking your internet use. This can also help protect your sensitive information and data from prying eyes. Plus, two-factor authentication is available to protect your account.

IPRoyal 2FA settings

 IPRoyal offers advanced two-factor authentication (Image credit: IPRoyal)

Alternatives to IPRoyal

IPRoyal is an attractive low-cost option, but a few alternatives may certainly be worth considering. 

For example, Smartproxy has a pool of more than 40 million residential IPs and various browser extensions. However, it’s an expensive option, with the cheapest plan starting at $70 per month. 

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Another popular option is Bright Data (formerly Luminati), which claims to have an IP network covering every country and city on Earth. This includes a considerable pool of 72 million+ IP addresses. What’s more, Bright Data provides excellent documentation that makes it super easy to use. 

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Final verdict

IPRoyal is an attractive low-cost proxy provider that offers a versatile selection of different proxies. These include top-end residential proxies, datacenter proxies, and niche-specific sneaker proxies. 

Its user interface is beginner-friendly and easy to get the hang of, and support services are exceptional. On the downside, limited self-help documentation means you may have to reach out to the IPRoyal team if you have significant issues. Overall, IPRoyal is an excellent option worth considering for an array of different uses. 

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