Eureka EGD 60: One minute review

Gamer aesthetic can be very hit or miss, with a lot more of the latter than the former. So when we unpacked the Eureka EGD 60 and took an immediate shine to the carbon fiber desktop, we got a sense that we’d found ourselves a hit, and we weren’t wrong.

The EGD 60, which comes in both the EGD 60L and EGD 60R variants depending on which side the desk’s wing is attached to, is an excellent compromise between the extra space provided by an L-desk and a smaller footprint that makes it easier to fit into your living space.

Even better, L-desks aren’t cheap, especially not the standing desk variety, so the much more accessible price point of the EGD 60 easily puts it in the running for the best gaming desk we’ve tested. But honestly, it just might be the best standing desk overall, gaming aesthetic or not.

The setup and assembly are easy enough, all things considered, but the EGD 60 does still require assembly, and this desk is not light, so you’re almost certainly going to need to enlist some help getting it in the house.

Once you’ve put it together, you’re in luck, since you’ll probably not be moving it around any time soon. The fixed wing on the desk can’t be swapped to the other side like a lot of L-desks, so what you’ve got is your classic Tetris L-piece and your home is like all the other blocks you’re trying to drop this desk into. Spin it around as much as you like, but there will just be some places where it will not fit.

The desk also has grommets along the side to help with cable management, as well as a pair of passthrough holes, so getting your space straightened up and organized is that much easier. Just make sure you take into account the height difference when the EGD 60 is fully extended. At its max height, the desk is damn near the perfect standing position for someone six feet tall, so make sure you leave some slack in those cables.

Just for the giggles, throw in a complementary desktop gaming mat, and there’s very little to criticize with the Eureka EGD 60. If you’ve been parked in one of the best gaming chairs for a long while now and want to add at least some activity while playing the best PC games, you can do a lot worse than the EGD 60, and for the price, you really can’t find much better.

Eureka EGD 60: Price & Availability

The height adjustment controls on the Eureka EGD 60

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  • How much is it? $499, about £440 / AU$690 (not including import costs)
  • Where can you get it? Currently available in the US, but not the UK or Australia
Eureka EGD 60 Key specs

Weight: 98 pounds
Dimensions: 60 X 43.7 X 29.9 in (W x D x H)
Height adjustment: 18.5 in
Max load capacity: 220 pounds
Price: $499 (about £440 / AU$690)

The Eureka EGD 60 is available now in the US for $499 and comes with a fixed wing on either the right or left side of the desk, so you’ll have to choose at checkout how you want the desk to be oriented in your home or office.

We really can’t stress enough that you’ll want to be sure before you order, because even though Eureka does accept returns within 30 days of delivery, you really don’t want to have to go through all that because you got right and left mixed up.

The EGD 60 is not available in the UK or Australia, but we’ve reached out to Eureka about shipping to the UK and Australia, and we’ll update this review when we clarify the company’s international shipping policy.

In addition to the desk, there are also optional accessories you can buy for the EGD 60, like a bracketed shelf for $60 that will fit most of the best gaming PCs and keep them off the floor (or off the desk), as well as an adjustable under-desk keyboard tray for $105.

Compared to a lot of other standing desks, the EGD 60 is much more on the premium side than some budget offerings, but it isn’t out of line with other gaming desks in its class. Heck, the Secretlab Magnus isn’t even a standing desk and it costs as much as the EGD 60, while the Secretlab Magnus Pro XL costs nearly twice as much.

  • Value: 4.5 / 5

Eureka EGD 60: Setup & accessibility

The carbon fiber-like surface of the Eureka EGD 60

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  • Fairly easy setup for one person
  • Heavy as hell
  • Great range of height levels

The FedEx guy was not happy delivering this, to say the least. The Eureka EGD 60 weighs in at 98 pounds as shipped, and it comes in a single box, so make sure to tip your delivery driver and get help carrying/pushing/sliding this thing into your home.

Once you do get it inside though, the instructions are pretty straight forward and it’s not more difficult that any other flat-packed desks. On the plus side, you can’t really screw up the assembly of the desktop itself, since the wing only fits one way. Don’t ask us how we know that such a thing is possible with other L-desks.

The hardest part of the assembly is getting the desk upright once everything is assembled and secured with the included hardware, but it’s not too hard one person and a two-person team can make short work of it.

All that said, this assumes some degree of physical strength that some might be able to manage. In this case, there’s no getting around the fact that you will need help at every stage in the setup process.

Once it is set up though, the height adjustment covers an 18-inch range of adjustable height, topping out at nearly 50 inches from the floor. For a six-foot-tall person, this puts the desktop at about elbow level, so anyone taller than six feet actually stands a good chance of being able to use it comfortably.

  • Setup & accessibility: 4 / 5

Eureka EGD 60: Design

A cable grommet on the Eureka EGD 60

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  • Fantastic carbon fiber surface
  • Wing adds more space, but doesn’t flip
  • Cable grommets seriously help cable management

From the tactile satisfaction of the desktop surface to the utility of the cable grommets along the side and back edge of the desk, a lot of thought went into the design of this standing desk, and you really love to see it.

The carbon fiber laminate looks and feels great, and the side wing is the perfect size for some extra space without filling up a good chunk of another wall. As far as that desk space goes, you really do have a lot of it, as this desk is fairly deep.

The grommets wrap around the back corners of the desk and easily guide your various cables to the pass-through holes, helping keep cables off the desk and tucked away and out of sight.

The height control panel on the desk is fairly standard for a standing desk, but it’s worth noting that there are up to four programmable height levels that can be saved and triggered with the touch of a button, making it easy for multiple people to set the desk to the height of their liking and switch between them.

Then there’s the roughly 32-by- 24-inch desk mat, made from a soft micro-woven fabric, that comes with the desk. If its scorpion motif is a bit too gauche for your taste, you can easily swap in one of the best gaming mouse pads on the market, a lot of which don’t cost all that much. 

  • Design: 5 / 5

Eureka EGD 60: Performance

The cable channels on the side of the Eureka EGD 60

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  • High max-load capacity
  • Anti-wobble feet keeps everything stable

Assuming you don’t opt for the under-desk shelf to hold your gaming rig, you can easily put a full desktop PC, a pair of monitors, and other equipment on the desk without too much worry thanks to a 220 lb max-load capacity. While not as a metal gaming desk, this is pretty standard for wooden ones.

The legs are made of sturdy aluminum and come with adjustable feet at each of its four corners to level the desk out and prevent any wobbling. The legs lift at a rate of one inch per second, so you will have a smooth, steady motion as you adjust the height.

Finally, while the desktop laminate is waterproof and scratch resistant, it is still a laminate, so any serious hit from the corner of your PC could cut a nice gouge in the material, so do be careful. 

  • Performance: 5 / 5

Should you buy a Eureka EGD 60?

A Eureka EGD 60L on a hard wood floor against a wall

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Buy the Eureka EGD 60 if…

Don’t buy the Eureka EGD 60 if…

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Eureka EGD 60 Report Card

Value While on the more expensive end of the standing and gaming desk market, its not out of line and even comes in cheaper than its competitors. 4.5 / 5
Setup & Accessibility At nearly 100 lbs, this is a heavy desk to carry home, but fortunately the assembly goes much smoother. 4 / 5
Design From the carbon fiber-style laminate to the cable managing grommets, there’s everything to love about this desk and very little to critique. 5 / 5
Performance Smooth height adjustment and a high load capacity make this more than capable of holding your entire gaming setup with ease. 5 / 5
Total From top to bottom, this gaming desk will serve you well and look great doing so at a very reasonable price. 4.6 / 5
  • First reviewed October 2022