How do you become a Verified Artist on Audiomack? Have you been curious about what Audiomack Stream is? Thereby, prompting you to go online so as to search for whatever it entails. Fortunately, luck is with you because this article will it be explained what Audiomack Stream is.

In addition to the main subject matter, related information to it will also be given in a well detailed and explicit manner as this article’s main aim is to shed more light on whatever you are in the dark of concerning what Audiomack Stream is, hence pay your utmost or rapt attention to this article.

How do you become a Verified Artist on Audiomack?

Do make sure you do not skim through the surface of the article but meticulously read through whatever is written to be passed to you in the article in order to make you understand it. In relation to the subject matter which is What is AudioMack Stream, you should know how to become a verified artist on Audiomack. Here are some tips to become a verified artist on Audiomack.

How do you become a Verified Artist on Audiomack?

By completing these steps you can become verified quickly on Audiomack.

  • Completed profile with recent header and profile picture.
  • As possible, links to as many socials should be made.
  • A social media presence that does not have a negative reflection on your artist career.
  • You should have at least 5 (five) official releases.

How do You Edit Tracks in Audiomack?

Have you tried editing Tracks in Audiomack but you haven’t been able to do so? Thus, for you to be able to do so, the steps on how to edit tracks in Audiomack will be given in this section of the article. As regards What Audiomack is. Pay your utmost attention to it as there are just these to how you can edit tracks in Audiomack.

  • You should know uploads can only be edited on the web at and not in the app.
  • Afterward, the uploads you want to edit should be clicked using the settings symbol to the right of the title.
  • Keep selecting the “Next” button at the bottom of the page once you are editing the song until you “Save and Finish.”

What does Audiomack Stream mean?

Back to the main topic, what do you understand by Audiomack Stream? To know what Steam entails, understand whatever is given in this section of the article as it is the core of what Audiomack truly entails. Hence, pay your utmost attention to it as there is just this to what Audiomack is.

Audiomack Steam is a platform that is completely free for content creators so as to share their music without restrictions or limitations. Its focus is exclusively on new, independent and up and coming artists. The stream is not a full catalog streaming service such as Spotify and Apple Music and does not have the plan to ever become one like them.

Thus, having explained and understood what Audiomack Stream is, make the choice to either use it or not.